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(ミルフィ Millefeui)
Gender: Female
Region: Kalos
Class: Trainer/Pokémon Performer
Friends: Ash Ketchum, Serena, Bonnie, Clemont
First Appearance: A Battle by Any Other Name!
Voice actor: Maggie McDowell

Miette is a recurring character appearing in Pokémon the Series: XY.


Miette first appears when she comes looking for her Slurpuff and notices Serena's Pokepuffs, in which she says they are no good, causing her and Serena to start a rivalry with each other. In order to find out who is the better baker, both Serena and Miette compete in a Poké Puff competition. Miette and Serena both make it to the Top 3, along with the Berry Baker kids and their Makuhita. The judge, Gina, later declares the Berry Baker kids the winners. Miette and Serena both vow to get stronger, and Miette whispers in Serena's ear that if Serena doesn't tell Ash how she truly feels about him, then she will confess her own feelings for him, causing Serena to blush.

She latter appears in XY Kalos quest where she asked serena if the reason she had cut her hair was if ash broke her heart, and is poking at serena through the entire episode.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Miette's Slurpuff
Slurpuff is Miette's first known Pokémon. It first appeared stealing Serena's Poké Puffs from the group using its Psychic move.
Pokémon Information
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  • Miette is the first person to find out about Serena's crush on Ash, in addition she might also have a crush on him
  • The name Millefeui is based on mille feuille, a dessert, which is a reference to her baking skills.


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