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Region: Hoenn
Class: Trainer
Friends: Ash, May, Max, Brock
First Appearance: AG043
Voice actor: Liza Jacqueline (English)
Michelle's computer glasses

Michelle's special sunglasses.

While on their way to Fallarbor Town, Ash and his friends noticed a Bagon trying to jump off of a cliff. Ash learned that Bagon belonged to Michelle and that she wanted to get it to evolve into a Salamence so that it could fly. She appeared in AG043: Let Bagons be Bagons / Fly Tatsubay! Toward the Future! In the English dub she was voiced by Liza Jacqueline. Her Pokémon was a Bagon which evolved into a Shelgon.


Pokémon Information
Michelle's Shelgon
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Bagon → Shelgon
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