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*Dean Venture (The Venture Bros.)
*Dean Venture (The Venture Bros.)
*Funshine Bear (Care Bears: Welcome to Carealot (2012))
*Funshine Bear (Care Bears: Welcome to Carealot (2012))
*Tunnel Rat (G.I. Joe Sigma 6)

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Michael Sinterniklaas
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Birth Date:
Language: English
Notable Character(s): Jessie's Seviper, Dorian
[[Category:{{{gender}}} Voice Cast Members]]Michael Sinterniklaas is an actor with very limited roles on Pokémon, but is well known in other anime series.

Human Roles

Pokémon Roles

Other Roles

  • Michael Alexander Simon/Kappa Mikey (Kappa Mikey)
  • Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 remake)
  • Trey Racer (Shaman King)
  • Riven (Winx Club (4kids version))
  • Dean Venture (The Venture Bros.)
  • Funshine Bear (Care Bears: Welcome to Carealot (2012))
  • Tunnel Rat (G.I. Joe Sigma 6)



  • Mike had the honor of working with Patrick Warburton in The Venture Bros.
  • Mike was the title character of Kappa Mikey.
  • When Winx Club was transferred from 4kids to Nickelodeon, Mike passed on the role of Riven to fellow 4kids VA Sam Riegel, who worked with him as Donatello in the 2003 remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Mike and former Pokémon VA Megan Hollingshead worked together in Bleach.
  • Mike filled in for David Moo as Xellos Metallium in Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution R.
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