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Meyer is a character appearing in the XY series, who is the father of Clemont and Bonnie's and one of the best engineers in Lumiose City. He has a secret identity, known as Blaziken Mask.


Meyer, being an engineer, resembles a mechanic wearing a cap, dark gray long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, light gray overalls and brown shoes. He has brown eyes, brown hair and a beard.

As Blaziken Mask, he wears a black body suit and gloves with red and light gray stripes. He also has red boots and kneecaps as well as a cape of the same color. As his name implies, he wears a Blaziken mask to conceal his identity. He also wears a red belt with pouches with a gold-outlined gray buckle resembling a crown, containing his Key Stone.


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Blaziken Mask

Meyer as Blaziken Man.

Meyer used his Blaziken (in its Mega Evolution form) to save Ash and his Pikachu from falling off from Prism Tower after Garchomp was freed from Team Rocket's device.[1] When Clemont attempted to re-capture the Gym from his own robot, Meyer met his friends.[2]

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Pokémon Information
Meyer Blaziken
He uses his Blaziken whenever Meyer appears as Blaziken Mask and uses Blaziken in its Mega Evolved form.
Blaziken ↔ Mega Blaziken
Pokémon Information
Meyer's Ampharos
Meyer's Ampharos has seldom been seen, often seen helping him in his electronics store or riding around on his moped with him.


He was the first character in the anime to Mega Evolve his Pokémon.



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