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Metal Coat

Last edited on January 6, 2014
by Ebag
Metal Coat
( メタルコート Metal Coat )
Metal Coat

Buy For: N/A
Sell For: 100
Type: Hold/Evolutionary
Generation: II

Metal Coat is an item that is held by a Pokémon. It is a special metallic film that evolves Onix and Scyther when they are traded while holding it. It also ups the power of Steel-type moves by 20% when held (10% in Generations II and III).


G/S/C: SS Aqua, held by wild Magnemite

R/S/E: New Mauville, held by wild Magnemite and Magneton

FR/LG: Memorial Pillar, Trainer Tower prize

D/P/P: Iron Island, held by wild Magnemite, Steelix, Beldum, Bronzor, and Bronzong

HG/SS: SS Aqua, Pokéathlon Dome (Tues/Fri/Sat), held by wild Magnemite

B/W: Route 13, Twist Mountain (Winter only)

B2/W2: Black City (buy)

X/Y: Pokeball Factory