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Message of the Wind is the second Japanese ending theme of the Diamond and Pearl series.


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♪ Motto motto tsuyoku nara kara

Chikatta yakusaoku ima mo Kono mune de zuutto mabushii yo

Genki desu ka? Nakama wa dou? Kaze no nioi sora no iro Onnaji desu ka?

Yume wa itsuka kanau keredo Demo matte ru dake ja dame Jibun de tsukande iku mon da yo

Sune no kizuato kanashii kioku Zenryoku de kaketara kiete iku ne Sou

Kitto kitto makenai hazu sa Mahou no jumon Sonna mono iranai sa

Hashire hashire kaze yori hayaku Kono michi no saki ni wa Yume no tsubomi hora, nozuiteru ♪

♪ Stronger, stronger, I'll get much stronger, you see:

That promise I made is still constantly Shining in my heart

How are you? How about your friends? The smell of the wind and the color of the sky Are they the same?

Your dream will come true someday However, you can't just wait for it You'll actually have to seize it yourself

The scars on your shin, the sad memories When you run with full force, they'll disappear Yes...

Surely, surely, you can't lose Magical spells, There's no need for such things

Run, run, father than the wind At the end of this road Look, you can see the bud of your dream peeking out ♪

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