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Japanese Name
Gender: Female
Debut: IL070: Go West Young Meowth
Released In: IL070: Go West Young Meowth
Original trainer: Rich Lady
Meowzie is a female Meowth. She was first featured in the episode: Go West, Young Meowth!, in a flashback had by none other than Meowth from Team Rocket.


The Meowth from Team Rocket had fallen in love with her at first sight. He had a fish in his mouth when he had first seen Meowzie from across the road. She had been licking her paw when she glanced up to see him. As she saw him, she scoffed, showing that she was rather disinterested. Meowth, not seeming to realize this, ran across the street, stopping traffic and causing several massive motor accidents just to get to her. He instantly greeted her, to which she ignored. In reaction, he started singing, but was only to be hit on the head with an umbrella by Meowzie's unhappy trainer. After this, her trainer turned to Meowzie, telling her that she had a brand new diamond studded Pokèball for her. Meowzie looked at the diamonds in awe, and, according to Meowth, he realized then that he could never compete with diamonds. Before Meowzie returned with her trainer, she turned to Meowth, telling him that he was nothing but a dirty street Meowth. Her trainer could buy her anything he wanted, when he wasn't even human. He was nothing but a "dirty street Meowth."

In reaction to this, Meowth did everything in his power to become human, going through hardships unumbered to try to speak "human talk" and to walk on two legs, not four. After he had mastered this, he went to meet his precious Meowzie again. Meowzie only stared at him, disgusted. She told him that he was worse than before. Now he was not just a dirty street Meowth... but a walking, talking, freak Meowth. This caused Meowth to run away in rage, vowing to become so rich, that Meowzie would come crawling back to him, "begging for his love." He intended to do this by joining Team Rocket. Unfortunately, he didn't turn out exactly rich.

It isn't known how long it was later, but since all the once extremely busy shops were now closed, and the streets were now empty, it could be suggested that it was a few years; Meowzie makes her second appearance. Meowth is rounded up by an old gang of Meowth and their leader, a Persian. He recognized them, since he had lived with them before he had met Meowzie. Persian wanted Meowth to join his gang again, since he could speak to humans, and that would be valuable. Meowth, however, denied, saying there was nothing he could do to change his mind... That was when Meowzie appeared again. She no longer wore her jewlery or her bows, and she stood behind Persian.

Meowth confronted her, asking her to explain what had happened, why she was with this gang of "bums." She explained to him that her trainer had abandoned her due to lack of money, leaving her to fend for herself. Persian found her and took her in. Meowth promised to get her out of the gang, and was about to fight the Persian to do it. He ended up one on one with the Persian, a battle he won. To his horror, Meowzie ran to help Persian, saying to Meowth that she wouldn't feel right leaving with him when Persian had taken her in.

At the end of the episode, despite how Meowzie had treated him, Meowth looked up at the moon, and quietly said: "I wonder if Meowzie's lookin' at the moon too..."

Meowzie has never physically appeared in any more episodes. Although she has been in several fantasies or dreams of Meowth's. For example, in: Noodles! Roamin' Off!, when Meowth imagines being rich, Meowzie is seen at his side, wearing her jewels and bows again.

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