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マドンニャ Madonnya
Gender: Female
Debut: Go West Young Meowth
Released In: Go West Young Meowth
Original trainer: Meowzie's owner

Meowzie is a female Meowth whom Team Rocket's Meowth had a crush on for a period of time. She debuted in Go West Young Meowth.


Meowth met Meowzie in Hollywood and fell in love with her upon seeing her for the first time. He attempted to gain trust from her, but she refused, as she wanted someone rich and more human. Meowth was hit on the head by her owner, but then got an idea how to impress her. With that, he learned how to walk and talk like a human. However, he was turned down by Meowzie again, as he wasn't wealthy. So he joined Team Rocket to become rich.

After Meowth talked with his former gang, he saw Meowzie, who told him that her owner abandoned her, as she had run out of money, and as a result, couldn't afford to keep Meowzie. When Meowth defeated Persian (his old gang's leader), Meowzie took care of Persian, as Persian offered her help when nobody else did. Meowth was heartbroken and left them.

Although never physically appearing in any other episodes, she appears in several fantasies of Meowth's.

Known moves

None of Meowzie's moves are known.

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