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Meowth's Ballad is the ninth and final Japanese ending theme of the XY series.


♪ Kimi wa shitteru no ka nya?

Hoshi-zora wo kumo ga kakusu yoru ni mo Tatta hito-tsu dake Mieteru hoshi ga aru koto wo

Sore wa sugu suko hora, kimi no ashi no shita Oira-tachi nosete mawaru Aoi, aoi, aoi hoshi-nya

Oira wa mawaru, aitsu mo marawu Minna ga mawaru, shirazu ni mawaru, ureshi-sa mawaru Kanashimi mawaru, Minna de mawaru, ashita mo mawaru ♪

♪ Did you know this?

Even during nights when the sky is covered by clouuds There's a single planet You can see

It's right here: Look, right below your feet It's spinning around with us on board; This blue, blue, blue planet

I'm spinning around, it's spinning around We're all spinning around, unawarely spinning around, happiness is spinning around Sadness is spinning around It's all spinning around with us; It will be spinning around around tomorrow too ♪

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