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Melody is a character appearing in The Power of One.


Melody is the same height as Misty. She has red hair going down opposite sides in the back and long bangs as well as fair skin and blue eyes. Her street clothes consists of a green cap, yellow sunglasses, two necklaces with an orange or blue gem, a pink and black top, blue jeans with an orange belt and brown sandals.

Her ceremonial outfit is made of a white dress with red on the ends of her skirt and sleeves as well as a light blue stripe on the torso, a light orange hat and orange sandals, each with blue gems on the straps. She also carries a beige purse with thin purple stripes and a green stripe with orange triangles to carry her ocarina and also wore a white veil going down to her knees before going to Fire Island.


Melody is a resident of Shamouti Island in the middle of the Orange Islands. Melody meets Ash, Misty, Tracey and Maren at the docks of the island, dressed in her street clothes and welcoming Ash with a "Traditional Welcome Kiss" which makes Misty jealous. At the festival, Melody, dressed in ceremonial clothes, plays the Guardian's song on her ocarina and asks Ash to retrieve three glass balls from three islands of Fire, Ice and Lighting and bring them back to Shamouti Island's Shrine.  

When Ash travels to the Islands with Pikachu and Maren, Melody, Misty and Tracey set off to find him on Melody's boat. Melody saw a tablet of the legend and thought it might come true. Melody allows Misty to go out to find Ash, the two of them forming a friendship as Melody had previously joked about Misty and Ash being a couple. After Ash places the final treasure, Melody steps up and plays Lugia's song on her ocarina. She later witnessed Mrs. Ketchum having Ash promise to do things closer to home and smiled from it. She was last seen playing her ocarina as Ash, Misty and Tracey left Shamouti Island on Maren's boat.

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