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Mega Pokémon are special evolutions of Pokémon introduced in earlier generations. These Pokémon need special Mega Stones in order to evolve into their Mega forms, the second final forms. Also; Pokémon can only enter their Mega Evolution Form by using the Mega Stone unique to their Species. For example: To Evolve Blaziken into MegaBlaziken; Blaziken must be holding the Mega Stone Blazikenite.

Mega Evolution does more than just change a Pokémon's apperance, it can also change their: Type, Ability, and Stats. A good example of a Pokémon's Type changing after Mega Evolution is Ampharos; which after Mega Evolution becomes a Dual Type Electric/Dragon Pokémon. 

Mega Evolution is only possible during a Battle, although it is unsure when it occurs in said Battle. After the Battle ends, the Pokémon returns to normal. Also you are limited to having only one Mega Evolution in a battle. [1]


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