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  • Anybody caught uploading images onto the Pokéboxes which are not artwork of the Pokémon as drawn by Ken Sugimori will be instantly banned. Fan art is not allowed here.
  • URGENT: Please could everyone try and help out with the Walkthrough project which is a project focusing on creating step-by-step guides for the games.
  • Please provide your input in the forum for revamping PokePower.
  • Generation VI has been confirmed so please help in editing the new pages and making the pages for the new Pokémon.
    • Do not steal anime screenshots, game screenshots or copy and paste any other information from any other site onto this wiki.
  • Be sure to watch the forums for any new discussions. Any user is allowed to participate, interact, or help decide on consensus.
  • Check out the request page to see if there are any nominations for user rights that you can weigh in on.

We have two policies in effect, please see their respective policy pages for full information:
  • With the trivia policy in effect, trivia should now be notable and interesting, anything else will be removed/reverted.
  • Please be sure to read the chat policy.
  • If you need help, contact an active Administrator.
  • If you spot any vandalism, be sure to leave a message on the Project page for reporting vandalism and we will revert it and/or block the perpetrator.
  • This wiki is for facts not fanon, please visit here for fan submissions.

Basic Rules
  • Remember, when you create an article, categorize it with the correct categories and if an existing article is missing information, please add the {{Stub}} template.
  • Remember to get an Administrator to review the change before making major changes to pages.
    • Meaning implementing changes to templates/new templates or articles that would require many edits to many pages to work with the new changes and/or merging/moving multiple articles*.

  • Don't forget to visit the membership page for membership applicants.
  • It has been proposed that the inactive leaders in Pokepower:Projects should be replaced by more active users. The discussion is here.

User of the Month
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For previous User of the Month winners, please visit the Archive.
This poll is managed by [[User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]].

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