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  • The new layout guide provides useful information about how certain articles should be set out.
  • Anybody caught uploading images onto the Pokéboxes which are not artwork of the Pokémon as drawn by Ken Sugimori will be instantly banned. Fan art is not allowed here.
  • Do not steal anime screenshots, game screenshots or copy and paste any other information from any other site onto this wiki.
  • Be sure to watch the forums for any new discussions. Any user is allowed to participate, interact, or help decide on consensus.
  • Check out the request page to see if there are any nominations for user rights that you can weigh in on.

  • If you need help, contact an active Administrator.
  • This wiki is for facts not fanon, please visit here for fan submissions.

Basic Rules
  • Remember, when you create an article, categorize it with the correct categories and if an existing article is missing information, please add the {{Stub}} template.
  • Remember to get an Administrator to review the change before making major changes to pages.
    • Meaning implementing changes to templates/new templates or articles that would require many edits to many pages to work with the new changes and/or merging/moving multiple articles*.

  • Don't forget to visit the membership page for membership applicants.
  • It has been proposed that the inactive leaders in Pokepower:Projects should be replaced by more active users. The discussion is here.

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