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For the character in Pokémon: Indigo League, see Mayor (Kanto).

The mayor is a character appearing in Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands.


Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands

When he was a boy, the mayor abandoned Bulbasaur, as it wouldn't evolve. The Bulbasaur drifted into the sewers.

Later, the mayor wanted to keep the Bulbasaur as a secret and wanted to imprison Ash, Misty and Tracey until the elections were over. Since he failed, he sent his police to take care of it, but decided to seal the sewer entrances. When he had a bath, the pipes burst out and he drifted outside his house. The heroes confronted him with his Bulbasaur, who was glad to see him. The mayor did not want it and ordered his police to shoot. The heroes protected Bulbasaur, who sent the mayor away and joined Nurse Joy as her new master.



Pokémon Information
Nurse Joy Bulbasaur
The mayor had the Bulbasaur, but he left it because it wouldn't evolve, causing it to grow bigger than a usual Bulbasaur.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
OI022 The Mystery Menace
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