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May's Venusaur

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May's Venusaur
Haruka's Fushigibana
May Venusaur
Trainer: May
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow (Not yet activated)
Debut: Grass Hysteria
Episode captured: Grass Hysteria
Caught where: Forbidden Forest
Current location: With May or at Home
Evolved: At least 60 episodes as a Bulbasaur

An unknown # of episodes as an Ivysaur.

Evolves In: Prior to Staging a Heroes' Welcome! for both

May's Venusaur was May's first Kanto starter Pokémon which she caught in Hoenn.


Venusaur was caught as a little Bulbasaur which lived with many grass Pokémon on a special territory. As May ends up in the forbidden area she is chased by the grass Pokémon, but is saved by the little Bulbasaur who eventually joins her team when May is about to leave. Bulbasaur came as a big help to her team with the learned move Petal Dance which was used with a lot of elegance. Bulbasaur acknowledged Ash's Bulbasaur as the two are good friends. May makes a comeback in Sinnoh saga revealing her new Pokémon as well that she evolved her Bulbasaur twice during her journey in Johto. Venusaur's current attacks are unknown than only Vine Whip and those Bulbasaur once knew.

Known Moves

Move Episode
May Venusaur
Razor Leaf Grass Hysteria!
Vine Whip Grass Hysteria!
Tackle Grass Hysteria!
Petal Dance Where's Armaldo?
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • May's Bulbasaur is most likely female due to it picking flowers in the episode it first appeared. When it appeared as a Venusaur, it was proven to be female as it had a seed in the plant on its back.
  • Bulbasaur is the first Kanto starter for May to have.
  • Unlike other Bulbasaurs, May's Bulbasaur has a different pattern on the forehead which is shaped a bit like two hearts.


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