These Houndoom are a group of dark/fire-type Pokémon owned by Maxie.


Maxie sent Houndoom and Archie his Tentacruel to make Ruby pay for spoiling their plans.[1] Seeing a deceased Norman lying on the ground, Maxie had Houndoom burn his body to make sure he never came back to use Rayquaza.[2] Wallace faced Maxie and Archie and attacked them with his Pokémon. Since they kept Winona hostage, Wallace surrendered and called his Pokémon back, while Houndoom torched the balls so Wallace couldn't sent them out.[3] Since Ruby and Sapphire joined forces, Maxie sent out more Houndoom. Archie sent some Walrein to battle Ruby and Sapphire and tried to escape with Maxie into Wallace's aircar.[4]

Known moves

None of Houndoom's moves are known.


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