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Mauville City

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Mauville City
キンセツシティ Kinsetsu City
"The bright and shiny city of fun!"
Ruby-Sapphire Mauville City
Location info
Region: Hoenn
Connecting routes: ↑ North - Route 111
↓ South - Route 110
←West - Route 117
→East - Route 118
Mauville City Map
Location of Mauville City in Hoenn.
Gym info
Name: Mauville Gym
Leader: Wattson
Type(s): [[File:Type Electric]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Dynamo Badge Dynamobadge|Dynamo Badge Dynamobadge]]
Pokémon Gyms
Mauville City is the city in which the Hoenn Game Corner and Bike Shop are here. Additionally, Wattson, the third Gym Leader of Hoenn, resides here.

Important Places

  • Pokémon Center
  • Poké Mart
  • Bike Shop- Here, you can talk to the owner and get either a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike. Also, if you want to switch bikes, you can talk to the owner again.
  • Mauville Gym- At the Mauville Gym, you have to get through the electric doors by defeating trainers. After you do that, you can fight Wattson, the Gym Leader. He uses Electric-type Pokémon and after you beat him, you will receive the Dynamo Badge and TM34, Shock Wave.
  • Rock Smash Guy's House- Here, if you talk to the man sitting at the table, you can get HM06 Rock Smash.


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