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(デスゴルド Deathgold)
Grand Master Greevil
Gender: Male
Region: Orre
Family: Ardos, Eldes
Class: Grand Master
First Appearance: Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Grand Master Greevil is the Grand Master of the Cipher Organization and the main antagonist in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He is thought to be Evice's successor as the Leader of the Cipher Organization. However, it has been discovered that Evice was not the "big boss", and that Greevil was.




Greevil disguises himself as a resident of Gateon Port by the name of Mr. Verich. Acri seems to take a great interest in him and wants to write a novel about him. He has 3 Cipher Admins in the Cipher Organization: Lovrina, Gorigan, and Snattle. He is the father of Admins Eldes and Ardos who are also his bodyguards. Greevil is called "Grand Master" by Eldes and Ardos. Eldes seems to dislike his father's wishes while Ardos supports them. It was his idea to create an unpurifiable Pokémon, named XD001, which is also known as Shadow Lugia. His team consists of Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Rhydon, Exeggutor, and Tauros, which are entirely Shadow Pokémon. After Snagging his team of 7 Shadow Pokémon, he has Swellow, Altaria, Aerodactyl, Manectric, Starmie, and Granbull with Granbull and Aerodactyl being his only Pokémon to not be prior Pokémon that could be Snagged.

He is the main antagonist in the game and is the enemy of the main character, Michael. After being defeated, he is convinced by Eldes that everything they have done is wrong and that they should disband Cipher forever. Ardos becomes angry with Eldes and escapes. It is unknown what becomes of Greevil after the incident.


Before Final Battle

Shadow Lugia (Lv. 50+)

During Final Battle


Greevil is the only character out of the games to use a full team of Shadow Pokémon.

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