Mary is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Season 7: Advanced Challenge

Mary is living in a village, which was affected by the drought. She did not believe others that a Solrock, who was living nearby, to be the cause of the drought. Once the heroes visited the village, Brock attempted to flirt with her, but got pulled by Max. At any rate, Mary believed there is a scientific explanation why there is the drought and took offense when the villagers wanted to drive off Solrock away. Regardless, the villagers gathered around Lombre and performed a rain dance. While they were watching the rain dance, May's Skitty went off in a cave, so Mary and May went after her. While they found Skitty, May and Mary also found a pump, which has been draining the water. Both of them found Team Rocket and reported this to the villagers and their friends. Team Rocket, who arrived in their machine, were attacked by Solrock, who used heat to negate their water attacks. After Team Rocket were blasted off and Solrock calmed down, Mary was glad it started to rain, which ended the drought. Mary was thankful, though she also noticed the villagers converted their "faith" from Lombre to Solrock. In the end, Mary bid the heroes farewell.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
AG063 Take The Lombre Home
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