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For the version appearing in the games, see Marlon.
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Marlon is a character appearing in Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies, who is the Gym Leader of Humilau City in the Unova region.


Marlon is a tall man who has wild deep blue hair with a large strand arched over his head and two more stretching from both sides. He also has light blue eyes and deep blue eye brows. He wears light blue swimming goggles and keeps them around his neck when not in use. Marlon's entire upper body is bare, revealing him to have light brown skin upper body whereas his feet are peachy. He wears a skin-tight, blue and light blue striped swimsuit bearing some resemblance to a mermaid's or merman's tail that starts at his waist forming a V, all they way down to his feet, only covering a portion of his feet separating his heels to his toes. Near his calves, he light blue fins sticking out, two on each leg, matching the color of the stripes on his swimsuit. Finally, he wears blue sandals.


Marlon is a friendly Gym Leader, who is a good tactician. He also speaks with a less formal accent.


Season 15: BW Rival DestiniesEdit

BW096 12

Marlon, Ash, Cameron and the Pokémon ride Wailord.

When Ash and Cameron were trying to find the Gym, Marlon approached them with his Wailord and took them to his Gym, where they found Iris and Cilan. Cameron, for his final Gym Badge, challenged Marlon, sending his Ferrothorn against Marlon's Jellicent, even if Ferrothorn barely stood on the pod in the pool. Jellicent used Shadow Ball, but Ferrothorn dodged and defeated Jellicent with Thunderbolt. Marlon sent Mantine, who was not attacked by Ferrothorn's Thunderbolt, since Jellicent's Cursed Body caused Ferrothorn to be unable to use that move. Thus, Mantine managed to defeat Ferrothorn with Wing Attack and Psybeam. Cameron thought of the situation and sent his Samurott, who dodged Jellicent's moves and managed to raise it in the air by hitting it with Aqua Jet. Samurott blocked its moves by using Razor Shell and defeated Mantine with Razor Shell. Marlon was impressed, for Cameron handled the battle very well and gave him the Wave Badge.[1]


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Marlon Jellicent


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