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マリソ Mariso
X's Chesnaught
Trainer: X
Ability: Overgrow
Debut: An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
Current location: With X
Evolved: 28 chapters as Chespin
11 chapters as Quilladin
Evolves In: Quilladin Stands

This Chesnaught, nicknamed Marisso, is a grass/fighting-type Pokémon owned by X.


Marisso originally belonged to Professor Sycamore along with Froakie and Fennekin. Sycamore decided to give Tierno their Poké Balls, so that X may choose one. At first, X wanted nothing to do with Marisso, as he was too depressed to choose one. However, Marisso was determined to join X's team, so he battled X along with Kanga. Though he lost, X was impressed by Marisso's performance and decided to let Marisso on the team.

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Reason: After X&Y003
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Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
X's Marisso Bite
Pin Missile They Have a Flare for a Li'l Kanga-Napping
Rollout Chespin Sows the Seeds of Change
Bite Gyarados Changes
Vine Whip Scizor Defends
Spiky Shield + X&Y042
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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