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Marine Tube
マリンチューブ Marinchūbu
Marine Tube
Information about Marine Tube
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ↑North Seigaiha City
↓South Undella Town
Weather: Normal
Kind: Tunnel
Needed HM: None

The Marine Tube is an underwater tunnel connecting Undella Town and Seigaiha City that has various Water-type Pokémon swimming around it.It appears to have Shegahai city in the north athway which explains that its a beach containing many water type pokemon around it.Some of the Pokemon that can be seen here are Sharpedo,Basculin,Mantine and Jellicent.&nbsp


  • The gym leader Marlon might have caught a Mantine and Jellicent underwater,which is explained why they are near to his gym in the Marine tube.
  • Basculin also appears really big although he is small.

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