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Marine Cave (Almia)

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Marine Cave
うみのどうくつ Marine Cave
Marine Cave Almia
Information about Marine Cave
Region: Almia
Connecting locations: ↓ South - Nabiki Beach
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Marine Cave Map Almia
Location of Marine Cave in Almia.

Marine Cave is a small cave located on Nabiki Beach. The cave has three rooms in which various Pokémon can be found and also on its first appearance, a Gigaremo unit.


Going to the Marine Cave will be the first mission when the player becomes a Ranger. The player is accompanied with Crawford to investigate the mysterious noise that is heard here. It was later revealed that it was a red Gigaremo unit and that Team Dim Sun was responsible for it.


Sprite Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Squirtle Sprite Squirtle PA Water SofA Water SOA Soak 1
PR Zubat Sprite Zubat PA Flying SofA Flying SOA Cut 1
PR Geodude Sprite Geodude PA Rock SofA Rock SOA Crush 1
PR Graveler Sprite Graveler PA Rock SofA Rock SOA Crush 2
PR Pichu Sprite Pichu PA Recharge SofA Recharge SOA Recharge 1
PR Nosepass Sprite Nosepass PA Rock SofA Rock SOA Crush 2
PR Shellos Sprite Shellos PA Water SofA Water SOA Soak 1
PR Gastrodon Sprite Gastrodon PA Water SofA Water SOA Soak 2

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