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Main Street Colosseum

The Main Street Colosseum is a Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution.

This Colosseum is one the default stages you'll start off with along with Gateway Colosseum. In Main Street Colosseum you'll do a Knockout Battle where you'll beat six trainers in order to face the Colosseum Leader: Taylor.

Knockout Battle Trainers (1st Time)

These trainers appear under this colosseum but also appear later on the difficult ranks.

  1. Zackary: Passionate Rider
  2. Aric: Three Brothers (Fighting Type)
  3. Melody: Tomboy
  4. Elena: Picnic Girl
  5. Ariel: Youthful Couple
  6. Todd: Sci-Fi Maniac
  7. Taylor: Colosseum Leader

Other Trainers

These trainers appear in this colosseum but with difficult in each ranks

  1. Jimmy: Twins
  2. Rachel: Ordinary Lady (Normal Type)
  3. Isaac: Hiking Boy
  4. Gabrielle: Three Sisters (Ghost Type)
  5. Erik: Leader-In-Training
  6. Samantha: Hiking Girl
  7. Jerry: Twins
  8. Tia: Mystic Girl (Psychic Type)
  9. Jonas: Pokeball Collector
  10. Kiana: Swimming Club Member
  11. Irving: PIKACHU Fan
  12. Kendell: Traveling Guy
  13. Kailey: Expedition Member
  14. Shane: High Tech Maniac
  15. Meredith: Traveling Lady
  16. Brianna: Leader-In-Training
  17. Marie: Hiking Club Member
  18. Luc: Lone Wolf

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