Main Street Colosseum

The Main Street Colosseum is a Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution.

This Colosseum is one the default stages you'll start off with along with Gateway Colosseum. In Main Street Colosseum you'll do a Knockout Battle where you'll beat six trainers in order to face the Colosseum Leader: Taylor.

Knockout Battle Trainers (1st Time)

These trainers appear under this colosseum but also appear later on the difficult ranks.

  1. Zackary: Passionate Rider
  2. Aric: Three Brothers (Fighting Type)
  3. Melody: Tomboy
  4. Elena: Picnic Girl
  5. Ariel: Youthful Couple
  6. Todd: Sci-Fi Maniac
  7. Taylor: Colosseum Leader

Taylor - Final Battle

DP 417 front
 Type Electric 
DP 404 front
 Type Electric 
DP 370 front
 Type Water 
DP 039 front
 Type Normal 
DP 281 front
 Type Psychic 
DP 438 front
 Type Rock 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: - Ability: Intimidate Ability: Swift Swim Ability: Cute Charm Ability: Trace Ability: Rock Head
Item: Magnet Item: Oran Berry Item: Mystic Water Item: Macho Brace Item: Oran Berry Item: Hard Stone
Discharge Spark Water Pulse Gyro Ball Confusion Rock Throw
Spark Ice Fang Attract Sing Calm Mind Rock Polish
Bite Bite Rain Dance Rest Magical Leaf Faint Attack
Thunder Wave Swagger Supersonic Sleep Talk Hypnosis Fake Tears

Other Trainers

These trainers appear in this colosseum but with difficult in each ranks

  1. Jimmy: Twins
  2. Rachel: Ordinary Lady (Normal Type)
  3. Isaac: Hiking Boy
  4. Gabrielle: Three Sisters (Ghost Type)
  5. Erik: Leader-In-Training
  6. Samantha: Hiking Girl
  7. Jerry: Twins
  8. Tia: Mystic Girl (Psychic Type)
  9. Jonas: Poké Ball Collector
  10. Kiana: Swimming Club Member
  11. Irving: PIKACHU Fan
  12. Kendell: Traveling Guy
  13. Kailey: Expedition Member
  14. Shane: High Tech Maniac
  15. Meredith: Traveling Lady
  16. Brianna: Leader-In-Training
  17. Marie: Hiking Club Member
  18. Luc: Lone Wolf