Mahogany Town (チョウジタウン Chouji Town) is a small town in the Johto region. It is the home of the 7th gym led by Pryce who specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. There is no Poké Mart, however, instead of it, there is a shop used by Team Rocket as a base. A man blocks the eastern exit, wanting to sell a RageCandyBar to the player, but even after buying it, the player won't be allowed to pass. In order to exit from the town, Team Rocket must be removed from their hideout and also from the Goldenrod Radio Tower.


Mahogany Town has a population of 26, making it the third smallest town in Johto.

Areas of Interest

Souvenir Shop

In this town, the Poké Mart is replaced by a Souvenir Shop, which is used by Team Rocket as a base.


Generation II

Item Price
TinyMushroom Poké Dollar 500
Poké Ball Poké Dollar 200
Potion Poké Dollar 300
SlowpokeTail Poké Dollar 9800
Great Ball Poké Dollar 600
RageCandyBar Poké Dollar 300
Super Potion Poké Dollar 700
Hyper Potion Poké Dollar 1200
Antidote Poké Dollar 100
Parlyz Heal Poké Dollar 200
Super Repel Poké Dollar 500
Revive Poké Dollar 1500
Flower Mail Poké Dollar 50

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