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The Magma Colosseum is a colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution.


This colosseum can be unlocked by beating the Sunny Park Colosseum and Crystal Colosseum. This colosseum has league battles. There is a league chart and the points each participant recives, are based on how many Pokémon the participant has left at the end of the battle. This is also the only colosseum in which the player can lose and do not have to battle the colosseum or the opponent again. At the end of the league, the participant with the highest score will face Terrell.


  1. Hiking Clum Member Lawrence
  2. Twin Sisters Christa
  3. Lone Wolf Robert
  4. Passionate Rider Norman
  5. Twin Sisters Christine
  6. Colosseum Leader Terrell

Terrell - Final Battle