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Three Fires Adventures

Magma Admins (Three Fires) in Pokémon Adventures.

A Magma Admin is an administrator of Team Magma. In Ruby, there are two admins, Tabitha and Courtney. In Emerald, only Tabitha is present. They serve as the commanders of Maxie. They use Fire-type and Dark-type Pokémon. In Ruby, Tabitha has 2 Numel (1 evolves into Camerupt for the second battle) and Poochyena (which evolves into Mightyena for the second battle). In Emerald, his team is the same, but now he added Zubat (which evolves into Golbat for the double battle with Maxie.)

Trainer Sprites


Tabitha Battle Sprite




First Battle (Mt. Chimney)
Numel RS RSPoochyena Numel RS
Numel Poochyena Numel
Second Battle (Magma Hideout)
Numel RS MightyenaRSSprite Camerupt RS
Numel Mightyena Camerupt


First Battle (Weather Institute)
Numel RS MightyenaRSSprite
Numel Mightyena
Second Battle (Seafloor Cavern)
Camerupt RS MightyenaRSSprite
Camerupt Mightyena



First Battle (Mt. Chimney)
Numel(E)sprite RSPoochyena Numel(E)sprite EmeraldZubat
Numel Poochyena Numel Zubat
Second Battle (Magma Hideout)
Numel(E)sprite Mightyena(E)Sprite EmeraldZubat Camerupt(E)Sprite
Numel Mightyena Zubat Camerupt
Third Battle (Mossdeep Space Center)
Camerupt(E)Sprite Mightyena(E)Sprite Golbat E
Camerupt Mightyena Golbat

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