Magic Bounce is an ability introduced in Generation V.


Generation V

Reflects status-changing moves.

Generation VI

It can reflect the effect of stat-changing moves


Reflects non-damage inflicting moves back to the foe. Magic Bounce is the ability version of the attack Magic Coat.

Moves reflected by Magic Bounce

Move type
Attract Type Normal
Block Type Normal
Captivate Type Normal
Charm Type Normal
Confuse Ray Type Ghost
Cotton Spore Type Grass
Dark Void Type Dark
Defog Type Flying
Disable Type Normal
Embargo Type Dark
Encore Type Normal
Entrainment Type Normal
Fake Tears Type Dark
FeatherDance Type Flying
Flash Type Normal
Flatter Type Dark
Foresight Type Normal
Gastro Acid Type Poison
Glare Type Normal
GrassWhistle Type Grass
Growl Type Normal
Heal Block Type Psychic
Heal Pulse Type Psychic
Hypnosis Type Psychic
Kinesis Type Psychic
Leech Seed Type Grass
Leer Type Normal
Lovely Kiss Type Normal
Mean Look Type Normal
Metal Sound Type Steel
Miracle Eye Type Psychic
Odor Sleuth Type Normal
Poison Gas Type Poison
PoisonPowder Type Poison
Roar Type Normal
Sand-Attack Type Ground
Scary Face Type Normal
Screech Type Normal
Simple Beam Type Normal
Sing Type Normal
Sleep Powder Type Grass
Smokescreen Type Normal
Soak Type Water
Spider Web Type Bug
Spikes Type Ground
Spite Type Ghost
Spore Type Grass
Stealth Rock Type Rock
String Shot Type Bug
Stun Spore Type Grass
Supersonic Type Normal
Swagger Type Normal
Sweet Kiss Type Normal
Sweet Scent Type Normal
Tail Whip Type Normal
Taunt Type Dark
Telekinesis Type Psychic
Thunder Wave Type Electric
Tickle Type Normal
Torment Type Dark
Toxic Type Poison
Toxic Spikes Type Poison
Whirlwind Type Normal
Will-O-Wisp Type Fire
Worry Seed Type Grass
Yawn Type Normal



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type Generation
#177 Natu 177 Type PsychicType Flying V
#178 Xatu 178 Type PsychicType Flying V
#196 Espeon 196 Type Psychic V

Mega Evolution

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#302 Sableye 302M Type Dark Type Ghost
#359 Absol 359M Type Dark
#719 Diancie 719M Type RockType Fairy