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Macy's Electabuzz

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Macy's Electabuzz
Moe's Erebuu
Macy Electabuzz
Trainer: Macy
Ability: Static (Not yet activated)
Debut: Love, Pokémon Style
Current location: With Macy

Macy's Electabuzz is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Macy.


Macy used her Electabuzz in her battle against Ash Ketchum. She recalled her Slugma for her Electabuzz. Ash however recalled his Totodile and sent out his Phanpy instead. Electabuzz used Thunderbolt on Phanpy but it didn't effect Phany as it is a ground-type. Due to the Phanpy, Macy recalled her Electabuzz and sent out her Slugma again.

Macy later recalled her Quilava and sent out her Electabuzz again when Ash sent out his Totodile. Electabuzz countered Totodile's Water Gun with Light Screen and then knocked out Totodile with Thunder Punch when Totodile used Headbutt on Electabuzz, which was prevented. Ash sent out his Squirtle and used Water Gun on Electabuzz, succesfully hitting it. Electabuzz then used Thunder Punch but Squirtle dodged the attack. Squirtle used Water Gun but was cancelled by Electabuzz's Iron Tail. Electabuzz used several Iron Tail but was later knocked out by Squirtle's Skull Bash.

Known moves

Move Episode
Macy Electabuzz Thunder Punch
Thunderbolt Love, Pokémon Style
Light Screen Love, Pokémon Style
Thunder Punch Love, Pokémon Style
Iron Tail Love, Pokémon Style
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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