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(モエ Moe)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Mahogany Town
Region: Johto
Class: Trainer
Friends: Ash, Misty, Brock
First Appearance: Love, Pokémon Style
Voice actor: Kerry Williams (English)

Macy was the Character of the Day in Love, Pokémon Style, who fell in love with Ash after he saved her from a fall.

Macy loves Fire-type Pokémon, and claims to have "tons of defences" against Water-types. She and Misty dislike one-another, partially due to Macy saying: " 'What's wrong with Water-types?' What's right about them? Give me the heat of a Fire-type anytime."


Pokémon Information
Macy Quilava
Quilava is one of Macy's main battlers. It defeated Ash's Phanpy despite the type-advantage, but after a long final battle, it was defeated by Squirtle.
Pokémon Information
Macy Electabuzz
Macy used her Electabuzz to battle Ash's Phanpy, Totodile and Squirtle. It was able to knock out Totodile with Thunder Punch but was later knocked bout by Squirtle, who used Skull Bash.
Pokémon Information
Macy Vulpix
Vulpix, while always seen with Macy, was never seen battling.
Pokémon Information
Macy Starmie
Despite her love of Fire-Types, Macy used Starmie against Jackson.
Pokémon Information
Macy Magcargo
As Slugma, it battled Ash's Totodile and was defeated by Phanpy. It evolved after the match.
Slugma → Magcargo

Episode appearances

EP# Title
JE151 Love, Pokémon Style
JE152 Tie One On!
JE153 The Ties that Bind
JE154 Can't Beat the Heat!
JE155 Playing with Fire!
JE156 Johto Photo Finish
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