For other versions of Houndoom belonging to Mable, see Mable's Houndoom.

This Houndoom is a dark/fire-type Pokémon owned by Mable.


Houndoom accompanied Mable to X's house, along with Aliana and Malva's Pyroar. She had it attack Y, who came from the sky with her Fletchling when she saw what was happening and threw her against the garden wall. As it was about to launch a fire-type attack, it was punched by Kanga. Houndoom and Pyroar then launched Flamethrower's, which Kanga defended X and Y. When Kanga Mega Evolved, Li'l Kanga attacked the duo, picked them up by their tail and mane, swung them around and tossed them into the sky.[1]

Later on, Houndoom accompanied Mable, Aliana and her Diggersby to kidnap Li'l Kanga. It used Flamethrower at Y, but Croaky cane to her aid and blocked it with its frubbles.[2] It used Flamethrower on Marisso, which caused a great deal of pain.[3]

Mable had Houndoom battle against Tierno and his Corphish.[4] To prevent Tierno from moving around quickly, Houndoom fired Inferno, which burned Tierno's Roller Skates. Houndoom was atop Corphish, and as Mable proposed Tierno to give up, the latter showed Corphish has grasped Houndoom. Corphish evolved into a Crawdaunt and immediately defeated Mable and Houndoom with Guillotine.[5]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Mable's Houndoom Inferno
Bite X-actly What They Wanted
Flamethrower X-actly What They Wanted
Inferno Xerneas Gives
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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