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Hometown: Snowbelle City (Presumably)
Region: Kalos
Family: AZ
Friends: Professor Sycamore (Former)
Class: Boss
First Appearance: Pokemon: Mega Evolution I
Voice actor:  ?

Lysandre is a character appears in Pokémon X and Y and was the leader of Team Flare. He is also the descendant of the AZ's younger brother and an old friend of Professor Sycamore.


Lysandre at first seems to be a kind hearted man who sees the beauty in everything. But as the game goes on you find out that Lysandre is so obsessed with keeping beauty in the world that he is willing to exterminate all Pokemon so that they cannot be used to harm or steal from anybody. He abhors change, believing that it can only bring scarcity and ruin to the world, so he aims to committ mass genocide against everyone that is not a member of Team Flare in order to protect the world from selfish humans and keep the planets' limited resources from running out. He does show that he does not think that this is the just path by crying when he has to think about killing all of the Pokemon in the world that are not loyal to Team Flare, thinking that they are beautiful creatures that deserve to live. But goes on with the plan anyway as he sees no alternative, believing that the world and humanity will benefit in the long run.


In the Games

 Type Dark Type Flying 
 Type Fighting 
 Type Fire Type Normal 
 Type Water Type Flying 
Lv. 49 Lv. 49 Lv. 51 Lv. 53 Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Super Luck Ability: Inner Focus Ability: Rivalry Ability: Intimidate Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: Gyaradosite Item: ? Item: ?
Night Slash Swords Dance Hyper Voice Aqua Tail - -
Aerial Ace Hi Jump Kick Dark Pulse Earthquake - -
Retaliate Acrobatics Fire Blast Iron Head - -
Steel Wing - - Outrage - -


  • His mask resembles that of Godot from the Ace Attorney series.
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