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(コトネ Kotone)
Lyra Anime
Hometown: New Bark Town
Region: Johto
Family: Mother
Class: Pokemon Trainer
Friends: Khoury
First Appearance: An Egg Scramble!
Voice actor: Eileen Stevens (English)

Lyra (Japanese: コトネ Kotone) is a Trainer from the Johto region who joined Ash and the gang on their journey. She first appeared in the episode An Egg Scramble. She calls Dawn "Dane". This Lyra is the game Lyra's anime counterpart, originally from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. She is voiced by Eileen Stevens.

Her Pokémon are Chikorita, Girafarig, and Marill. She has 2 Johto badges, the Hive Badge from Bugsy and the Zephyr Badge from Falkner.

During their journey she and Dawn become good friends, despite the fact Lyra that she keeps calling Dawn, "Dane" (Dawn eventually gives up trying to correct her).She also tried to play matchmaker between her friend Khoury and Dawn in A Rivalry to Gible On.


Pokemon Additional Information

Lyra's Marill {C Lyra's Marill

{C Marill was first seen in An Egg Scramble!

Lyra's Chikorita {C Lyra's Chikorita

Chikorita was first seen in An Egg Scramble! He is her no.1 pokemon.

Lyra's Girafarig Lyra's Girafarig

Girafarig was first seen in Gone With the Windworks


  • Lyra's outfit resembles Mario's.
  • In her several reccuring roles, Lyra has shown a slight interest in Ash. In the Episode "Gone With the Windworks!" Lyra (after embarrassing Dawn by asking her if Ash was her boyfriend) says that: "Ash is quite a catch don't ya think?".
  • In the games Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Lyra is the playable female protagonist.
  • In the episode "A Rivalry to Gible On", she mentions to Dawn ("Dane") that she thinks Khoury & Dawn would be a good match.

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