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Lunar Wing

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Lunar Wing
( みかづきのはね Crescent Moon Feather )
Lunar Wing (key)
Buy For:
Poké DollarCannot Be Bought
Sell For:
Poké DollarCannot Be Sold
No type

The Lunar Wing is a key item introduced in Generation IV. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you need the Lunar Wing from Fullmoon Island to heal a boy in Canalave City. Once you get it from Cresselia, Cresselia flees and is found at random throughout Sinnoh.

It is also found in Generation V in Black and White 2. It is claimed as a Key Item after figuring out the mazes of the Strange House outside of Lentimas Town. Bring it to the man who sees a ghost girl at Marvelous Bridge.



Lunar Wing in the anime

The Lunar Wing are feathers of Cresselia. These feathers help keep the nightmares (that Darkrai creates) away from residents of Canalave City. A Lunar Wing looks like a feather that has a curl with an enchanted green (top-half of the feather). It has a yellowish end.

It makes an appearance in Pokémon - The Rise of Darkrai, where Dawn buys one for Ash after he wakes up from the nightmare/vision given to him by Darkrai's Dark Void, in case they met again.

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