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Lumiose City
ミアレシティ Miare City
Location info
Region: Kalos
Connecting routes: Route 5
Gym info
Name: ?
Leader:  ?
Type(s): File:?
Pokémon Gyms

Lumiose City (Japanese: ミアレシティ Lumiose City) is the main city of the Kalos region. At the center, there is a tall tower, which serves as its symbol.

Lumiose City has gym in the building resembling the Effiel Tower, it is currently unknown what type this gym is,


The player can ride their Gogoat or Rhyhorn in the city as their mode of transportation.



  • Lumiose City's name may be derived from Paris's nickname, "La Ville-Lumière" which means "The City of Light".
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