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[[Lysandre Cafe]], Located near Magneta Plaza, across from the Pokémon Center.
*[[Lysandre Cafe]], Located near Magneta Plaza, across from the Pokémon Center.
*Café Cyclone
*Café Introversion
*Café Classe
*Café Woof
*Café Soleil
*Shutterbug Café
*Café Rouleau
*Café Gallant
*Café Triste
*Café Pokémon-Amie
*Café Ultimo
*Café Kizuna
*Café Action!
*Café Bataille

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Lumiose City
ミアレシティ Miare Shiti
Lumiose City
Location info
Region: Kalos
Connecting routes: Route 4
Route 5
Route 13
Route 14
Route 16
Kiloude City
Kalos Lumiose City Map
Location of Lumiose City in Kalos.
Gym info
Name: Lumiose City Gym
Leader: Clemont
Type(s): [[File:Electric]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Voltage_Badge.png

Voltage|Voltage_Badge.png Voltage]]

Pokémon Gyms

Lumiose City (Japanese: ミアレシティ Lumiose City) is the main city of the Kalos region. At the center, there is the Prism tower, which serves as its symbol.

Lumiose City has the gym in the Prism tower, it is an electric type gym and the Leader is Clemont.

Lumiose City has many avenues and plazas, but only 2 boulevards, North and South Boulevards.


The player can ride the Gogoat Shuttle in the city as their mode of transportation. The Player may also ride the Lumi Cab for even faster but more expensive transportation.

Places of Interest




Fine Dining


  • Lysandre Cafe, Located near Magneta Plaza, across from the Pokémon Center.
  • Café Cyclone
  • Café Introversion
  • Café Classe
  • Café Woof
  • Café Soleil
  • Shutterbug Café
  • Café Rouleau
  • Café Gallant
  • Café Triste
  • Café Pokémon-Amie
  • Café Ultimo
  • Café Kizuna
  • Café Action!
  • Café Bataille



  • Lumiose City's name may be derived from Paris's nickname, "La Ville-Lumière" which means "The City of Light".
  • There is a save glitch in this city; if you save in areas in Lumiose City you can get your game frozen and bugged and you have to replay the game again. There is a patch for this on the E-Shop now.
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