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コウキ Kōki
Platinum Lucas
Lucas in Pokémon Platinum
Names Many
Gender Male
Class Pokémon Trainer
Region Sinnoh
Hometown Twinleaf Town (player)
Sandgem Town (partner)
Relatives Johanna, unnamed father (player)
unnamed sister, grandfather, father (partner)
First Appearance Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Other Appearances Pokémon Platinum
Rival(s) Barry
Main Game Character

Main article: Diamond (manga)



  • Lucas's Platinum outfit seems to be the inspiration for the coats that Ash and Brock wore when they visited Snowpoint City.
  • Lucas' Diamond and Pearl outfit looks similar to Ash's regular Sinnoh outfit.
  • In Pokémon Black and White when you first beat Cynthia she mentions Lucas. Referring to him as "That trainer who faced Giratina" she then admits she was rambling about things that didn't concern the current player. (It is assumed that she could mean either Lucas or Dawn)

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