Lucas is the playable male protagonist in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

His female counterpart is Dawn.


Diamond and Pearl

Lucas wears a white undershirt with a black vest over it, a red scarf, baggy jeans, with red and grey shoes.


He now wears an outfit more suitable for the weather in the game, which is a dark red full-sleeved shirt with a dark blue and black jacket over it, a white scarf wrapped around his neck, denim black pants with dark gray and white running shoes, and a dark red hat with a white and black semi Poké Ball on the back.


Lucas always seems to have possesion to Prof. Rowan. When the Player comes to Sandgem Town for the first time, he greets her and shows her the lab. He makes two appearances in Jubilife City, another appearance in Route 207, and yet another appearance in Canalave City, when he is sitting near Prof. Rowan, while Barry and the Player sit in front of them. In Diamond & Pearl, he also appears at Spear Pillar and sees the player defeating \ catching Dialga \ Palkia.



Diamond, Pearl & Platinum

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, you will befriend others, such as the champion, and people you tag team with, like Barry, before and after you beat the game. Lucas will always be in possession of the other starter that wasn't chosen, the one which the player's starter will have an advantage against. i.e. if the player has chosen Chimchar, he will have a Turtwig in her arsenal. The reason being that if the player character is Dawn, you won't battle him at any point because he has the Starter Pokémon with a type disadvantage to her own. Similarly, if the player character is Lucas, Dawn will choose the disadvantaged starter.


Lucas has two counterparts in the manga.


Main article: Diamond (Adventures)

Diamond is a character in the manga. He based on Lucas, his mother is Johanna, and he is Pearl's best friend. Both he and Pearl live in Twinleaf Town. Later, they both befriended Platinum, a high-class girl that at once didn't trust them as her bodyguard, and refused to discover to them her first name. After she trusted them as friends and bodyguards, she discovered them her first name - Platinum.

Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

Main article: Hareta Hareta is based on Lucas from Diamond and Pearl. He lives in Route 201.


Main article: Lucas (anime)

Lucas also had a brief cameo in the opening of Giratina and The Sky Warrior, battling Brendan.


Intro Sprite

Lucas's DP Sprite

VS Sprite

Lucas's Pt Sprite

Lucas DP




Diamond and Pearl

Capture tutorial

Multi Battle Partner - Jubilife City

Multi Battle Partner - Veilstone City


Capture tutorial

Multi Battle Partner - Jubilife City

Multi Battle Partner - Veilstone City


  • Lucas's Platinum outfit seems to be the inspiration for the coats that Ash and Brock wore when they visited Snowpoint City.
  • Lucas' Diamond and Pearl outfit looks similar to Ash's regular Sinnoh outfit.
  • When you first beat Cynthia in Pokémon Black and White, she mentions either Lucas or Dawn. Referring to him/her as "That trainer who faced Giratina" she then admits she was rambling about things that didn't concern the current player.


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