For other variants of Raichu belonging to Lt. Surge, see Lt. Surge's Raichu.

This Raichu is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Lt. Surge.



Raichu appeared in the Silph Co.'s tower with Lt. Surge, where they wanted to defeat Red.[1]


Lt. Surge, who was investigating a secret base at Mahogany Town, sensed some electricity below. His Raichu crushed the floor, allowing them to access the hideout, where they faced the Masked Man. The Masked Man's Houndour fired Flamethrower, which Raichu managed to negate. Lt. Surge threatened to attack, since his Raichu absorbed the maximum amount of electricity. However, the Masked Man's Houndour called upon other wild Houndour; they all used Howl to immobilise Raichu and Lt. Surge. Instead, Lt. Surge had Electrode self destruct, allowing Lt. Surge to escape.[2]

After escaping, Lt. Surge faced a red Gyarados. He sent Raichu to electrify the rods in his submarine to attack Gyarados, but stopped, as Gyarados simply passed by him.[3] Lt. Surge sought Morty and had his Raichu intimidate Morty's Misdreavus. After both sides calmed down, Lt. Surge demanded Morty to use his ability to find two children that fought the Masked Man.[4] Despite the rude request, Morty decided to use his powers, so Raichu backed down.[5]

The two arrived to the Gym Leaders' tournament at the Pokémon League stadium.[6]

Known moves

None of Raichu's moves are known.

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