This Electabuzz is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Lt. Surge.



Lt. Surge encountered Red at the ship, who wanted to free the captured Pokémon. Lt. Surge had Electabuzz attack Red with Thunder Punch, knocking the latter out. Red had Poliwhirl release some water and freeze it, immobilizing Electabuzz. Red and Poliwhirl tried to get off the ship, but the latter was captured by Lt. Surge, who threw it into the sea. As for Red, who was captured by Magneton, was electrocuted by Electabuzz's Thunderbolt. Lt. Surge had Magneton threw Red into the sea, whom Poliwrath took back onto the ship and clashed with Electabuzz. Lt. Surge tried to escape, but he and Electabuzz were thrown away by Poliwrath's Seismic Toss.[1] At Silph Co., Electabuzz stood by Lt. Surge, who wanted to pay back to Red for thwarting Team Rocket's plans. To wound Red, Electabuzz, powered by Zapdos' energy, electrocuted Red.[2]

Lt. Surge and Electabuzz were waiting for Blue and Blaine,[3][4] as well as Yellow, Bill and Green on Cerise Island to fight the Elite Four.[5] After obtaining the Spoon of Destiny, Lt. Surge went with Electabuzz and Bill to face the Elite Four.[6][7]

Facing Bruno, Lt. Surge sent Electabuzz to battle him. Electabuzz used Thunder Shock, but Bruno evaded the attack.[8] Electabuzz tried to attack Hitmonlee, but it and Vulpix were attacked by Hitmonlee's Rolling Kick and Hitmonchan's Comet Punch. The attacks caused Vulpix and Hitmonchan to be blown away, hanging above the acid lake.[9] After the explosion from Electrode and Exeggcute, Bill, Electabuzz and the Pokémon stood on a platform, created by Lt. Surge's Magneton.[10]


Eletabuzz accompanied Lt. Surge on S.S. Anne, as they watched Crystal unboard the ship at Olivine City.[11] It also accompanied Lt. Surge on the ship to the Pokémon League stadium.[12]

Electabuzz faced Morty's Misdreavus. Upon taking Thunder, Misdreavus used Spite, which made Electabuzz unable to use that move. Followed with Pain Split, Electabuzz was drained of a part of an energy, which Misdreavus absorbed. Misdreavus fired Psywave, so Lt. Surge swapped Electabuzz with Magnemite, who took the hit.[13][4]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz Thunder
Thunderbolt Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
Thunder Punch Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
Thunder + Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
Thunder Shock Make Way for Magikarp
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.



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