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Love Ball
Love Ball
Buy: Poké Dollar 0 (see Kurt)
Sell: Poké Dollar 150
First Appearance: Generation II
Catch Rate: (8x or 1x)

The Love Ball (ラブラブボール Love Love Ball) should be used on a Pokémon of the same species and opposite gender as the player's Pokémon. If these statistics are followed, then the ball is known to be 8x more effective in catching the wild Pokémon than would a regular Poké Ball. If another Pokémon is a different species than or the same gender as the player's Pokémon, then it will only be as effective as a normal Poke Ball. The ball is also found to not work when a Pokémon has no gender, or is genderless. In this situation, the Love Ball will then take after the characteristics of an ordinary Poke Ball. It is characterized by a pink top with a white heart going up the middle.

Catch Rate

  • 8x if used on a species and gender
  • 1x other usage
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