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(ルイ Louie)
Gender: Male
Region: Kalos
Class: Trainer
Friends: Alain, Mairin
First Appearance: Mega Evolution Special I
Voice actor: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese)
Marc Thompson (English)

Remo is a character in the anime special Mega Evolution Special I.


Mega Evolution Special

Remo challenged Alain for a battle to get the Mega Stone Alain has found. Remo sent out his Garchoo and let it Mega Evolve with the use of the Mega Stone placed in his parasol. Alain sent out his Charizard and let it Mega Evolve as well. Remo didn't understand Alain though when he said that he had a dragon-type Pokémon as well. Garchoo gave a though fight against Alain's Mega Charizard but Mega Charizard was able to win the battle, knocking Garchoo out. Remo retrieved his Garchoo and let Alain have the Mega Stone as he has won the battle. Alain explained to Remo that when his Charizard Mega Evolved, its flying type exchanged for dragon-type, clearing Remo's confusion he had earlier.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Remo's Garchomp
Garchoo was only to take on Alain's Charizard and which it lost.


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