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The Lottery is a daily activity that can be engaged in in Generation III and IV. After pulling a lottery ticket, it checks the 5-digit number on it. If it matches from right to left any of the ID of the Pokémon, you win a Master Ball. Getting a match of 4 or less gives you a lesser prize and getting no matches gives you nothing. For example, if one of your Pokémon's ID is 12345 and the lottery ticket is 12345, you get a Master Ball. If the lottery ticket says, 67345, you get a 3rd prize which is a lesser prize than a Master Ball. Getting 54321, however, gets you nothing, despite the 3 in both numbers matching.

Prizes (Diamond and Pearl)

All match: Master Ball

Last 3: Exp. Share

Last 2: ?

Last 1: Backdrop

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