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Lost Tower DPPt

The Lost Tower is a tower in Pokémon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum versions. It is the home of many different Ghost Pokémon and can be found on Route 209, just south of Solaceon Town. Once the player climbs to the top (in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl) the tower's overseers will hand out an item, the Cleanse Tag and the HM04 Strength. In Pokémon Platinum, players must use Defog to make it to the top to obtain the Cleanse Tag, and replacing the HM04 Strength, the Spell Tag. Throughout the Lost Tower, all items found are Oval Stone, Stardust, Honey, Revive, TM27 Return, Great Ball, Cleanse Tag, HM04 Strength (Pokémon D/P), and Spell Tag (Pokémon Platinum). Many trainers come here to mourn over their lost Pokémon making it filled with battle-ready trainers many willing to fight. The tower is said to be the creator of most Ghost Pokémon in Sinnoh there are rumors that the tower is how Ghost Pokémon are born (without eggs) more ghosts are produced here than through breeding from the souls of the deceased Pokémon. The stronger the Pokémon was when it was living the more powerful he's reincarnated as. Most of Ghost Pokémon made this way don't know they were ever alive.

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