Lorenzo is a primary character in Pokémon Heroes. He is the curator of the Alto Mare museum, and the grandfather of Bianca.

He and his granddaughter are descendants of the family (possibly of the elderly couple mentioned in the 'fairy-tale') that have been protected the secrecy of the Secret Garden, the Soul Dew, the "DMA" and of course the legendary Pokémon. They have known Latias and Latios since they were young. Like his granddaughter, he is very responsible of his role as a securer.

About his clan

Lorenzo's clan has been actively protected critical secrets of the Eon Pokémon and the fate of Alto Mare for generations in order not to openly the methods of use thereof "Soul Dew", the secret treasure with great power beyond imaginations, and the "Secret Garden" which has been managed traditionally as an accommodation of Latios and Latias migrating to Alto Mare (and as a home of the siblings).

However, many features about the history and background of his clan, Latios and Latias, and relations with the city of Alto Mare are unknown.


  • His name in Japanese version is originated from the spaghetti alle vongole.
  • It is possible that there are real models of Lorenzo and his garage in Venice.
  • It is likely that Lorenzo and Bianca are direct descendants of the elderly couple appeared in the "folklore".
  • The reason why only a particular clan progeny are allowed to keep contacting with the race of Latios and Latias after the incident told in the folklore have not been revealed.
  • Only two of clan members appear and there is no other information about the other members.
  • In Japanese version, Bianca calls him with a title which is rather formal than in usual way of granddaughter and grandfather, and from the fact that there have not been any other family members other than Lorenzo and Bianca seen, Lorenzo and Bianca may or may not be direct relatives.
  • Further, it is not described how the people (or the clan) managed to establish the usages of the "Soul Dew" with functions beyond human understandings and the system of DMA which is such an ultimately advanced technology than all of modern science.
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