Lookalike Items are items that appear in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.They look the same and have similar names to regular items, but usually have completely different effects. Not all lookalike items are bad, though; for example, the Slip Seed (lookalike of the Sleep Seed) allows the user to walk on water.

List of item

Item Lookalike of... Effect
Oran Berry MD Oren Berry Oran Berry Deals 10 damage.
Seed Reviser Seed Reviver Seed Automatically revives the user, but then KO's them.
Seed Via Seed Vile Seed Warps Pokémon to somewhere else on the same floor.
Seed Slip Seed Sleep Seed Allows Pokémon to walk on water.
Seed Dough Seed Doom Seed Makes next dungeon floor have more money.
Seed Dropeye Seed Eyedrop Seed Impairs Pokémon's vision (screen shrinks).
Medicine MD Mix Elixir/Max Elixor Max Elixir Only recovers all PP of Linoone.
Geo Pebble MD Gone Pebble Geo Pebble Pokémon gains Endure status.
Gravelrock MD Gravelyrock Gravelerock Increases IQ, but only for Bonsly and Sudowoodo.
Wonder Gummi Wander Gummi/Wonder Gunki Wonder Gummi Inflicts Blinker status.
Ribbon MD No-Slip Cap No-Stick Cap Gradually makes items in the bag sticky.
Sunglasses MD Gaggle Specs Goggle Specs Allows enemy Pokémon to find the user.
Sunglasses MD Y-Ray Specs X-Ray Specs Blinds the leader; inflicts Blinker status.

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