Lizabeth (Japanese: ヒロミ Hiromi) is a female character from Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. She is one of the last surviving descendants of the People of the Water.



Lizabeth conducting the circus

Lizabeth conducting the circus.

As a part of their daily lives, Lizabeth and her family members masquerade as the traveling circus, "Marina Underwater Pokémon Show". In this show, they are notable because they combine Psychic-type Pokémon abilities with Water-type Pokémon abilities to create a spectacle in which the Water-type Pokémon can jump through floating spheres of water generated by Psychic.


In the Sinnoh region games, Lizabeth made a brief cameo as a Pokémon Trainer situated on Route 220. True to form, this version of Lizabeth used Water-type Pokémon such as Seaking, Buizel and Medicham.


On hand

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions

Trainer Pokémon Level
119 Seaking 28
418 Buizel 28
308 Medicham 28
Gain: Poké Dollar448

Pokémon Platinum Version

Trainer Pokémon Level
119 Seaking 32
418 Buizel 32
308 Medicham 32
Gain: Poké Dollar512


  • Despite the fact that Lizabeth was referred to by her Japanese name within Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the English translators did not notice the relevance of the character's name, and thus they renamed her as Katelyn.

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