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Liza Jacqueline Kaplan (usually credited as Liza Jacqueline) is a voice actress affiliated with 4Kids Entertainment and Central Park Media who voiced a few characters in Pokémon starting in Season 7 until 4Kids' license expired. She is best known outside of Pokémon as Bloom from Winx Club and Kahm from Outlanders. She was eventually replaced in this role by Molly Quinn for Nickelodeon dub.





  • Bloom (Winx Club; 4Kids version)
  • Princess Kahm (Outlanders; Central Park Media dub)
  • Blair Flannigan, Maiden of the Aqua (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
  • Raf (Angel's Friends)
  • Caitlyn Goodwyn (Magical DoReMi)
  • Renet (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; 2003)
  • Jinx (G. I. Joe Sigma 6)
  • Omochao (Sonic Riders)


  • When Winx was brought back to America courtesy of Nickelodeon, Liza's role of Bloom was passed on to Molly C. Quinn.
  • All three (named) characters that Liza voiced in Pokémon had purple hair.

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