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List of Pokemon by groups of species

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Bagworm Pokémon

Balloon Pokémon

Bat Pokémon

Beak Pokémon

Big Jaw Pokémon

Bird Pokémon

Butterfly Pokémon

Classy Cat Pokémon

Clay Doll Pokémon

Cobra Pokémon

Cocoon Pokémon

Cricket Pokémon

Dark Pokémon

Dark Dog Pokémon

Diving Pokémon

Dopey Pokémon

Drill Pokémon

Duck Pokémon

Fairy Pokémon

Fire Horse Pokémon

Fire Mouse Pokémon

Flame Pokémon

Flower Pokémon

Flycatcher Pokémon

Fox Pokémon

Freezing Pokémon

Golem Pokémon

Hairy Bug Pokémon

Herb Pokémon

Hermit Crab Pokémon

Insect Pokémon

Jellyfish Pokémon

Leaf Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon

Lizard Pokémon

Magnet Pokémon

Megaton Pokémon

Mole Pokémon

Mouse Pokémon

Mushroom Pokémon

Pig Monkey Pokémon

Poison Bee Pokémon

Poison Moth Pokémon

Poison Pin Pokémon

Psi Pokémon

Puppy Pokémon

Rainbow Bug Pokémon

Rock Pokémon

Ruffian Pokémon

Scratch Cat Pokémon

Seed Pokémon

Shellfish Pokémon

Snake Pokémon

Starling Pokémon

Superpower Pokémon

Tadpole Pokémon

Tiny Bird Pokémon

Tiny Turtle Pokémon

Turtle Pokémon

Vast White Pokémon

Vibration Pokémon

Volcano Pokémon

Weed Pokémon

Worm Pokémon

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