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=== Chimp ===
=== Chimp ===
* [[Chimchar]]
* [[Chimchar]]
=== Chill ===
* [[Cubchoo]]
=== Chinchilla ===
=== Chinchilla ===
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=== Freeze ===
=== Freeze ===
* [[Articuno]]
* [[Articuno]]
* [[Beartic]]
=== Freezing ===
=== Freezing ===
* [[Cubchoo]]
* [[Beartic]]
=== Fresh Snow ===
=== Fresh Snow ===

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List of Pokémon by SpeciesEdit

This list shows every Pokémon in different groups of species. Some groups have more than one Pokémon.

A Edit

Abundant Edit

Acorn Edit

Alpha Edit

Angler Edit

Anteater Edit

Ant Pit Edit

Aqua Mouse Edit

Aqua Rabbit Edit

Armor Edit

Armor Bird Edit

Arm Thrust Edit

Astral Body Edit

Atrocious Edit

Attaching Edit

Aura Edit

Aqua Rush Edit

Avianoid Edit

Axe Jaw Edit

B Edit

Bagworm Edit

Ball Roll Edit

Ball Whale Edit

Ball Edit

Balloon Edit

Barnacle Edit

Barrier Edit

Bash Buffalo Edit

Bat Edit

Beak Edit

Beaver Edit

Beckon Edit

Beehive Edit

Bell Edit

Big Boss Edit

Big Eater Edit

Big-Hearted Edit

Big Horn Edit

Big Jaw Edit

Big Voice Edit

Bird Edit

Bivalve Edit

Blade Edit

Blast Edit

Blaze Edit

Blazing Edit

Blimp Edit

Blossom Edit

Bolt Strike Edit

Bone Keeper Edit

Bone Vulture Edit

Bonsai Edit

Bounce Edit

Boundary Edit

Bouquet Edit

Brain Edit

Bright Edit

Bronze Edit

Bronze Bell Edit

Brutal Edit

Bubble Jet Edit

Bud Edit

Bug Catcher Edit

Bulb Edit

Butterfly Edit

C Edit

Cactus Edit

Candle Edit

Carefree Edit

Caring Edit

Cat Ferret Edit

Catty Edit

Cavalry Edit

Cave Edit

Cavern Edit

Cell Edit

Centipede Edit

Cerebral Edit

Cheering Edit

Cherry Edit

Chick Edit

Chimp Edit

Chill Edit

Chinchilla Edit

Clamping Edit

Clap Edit

Classy Cat Edit

Clay Doll Edit

Clear Wing Edit

Coal Edit

Cobra Edit

Coconut Edit

Cocoon Edit

Coffin Edit

Color Swap Edit

Colossal Edit

Colt Edit

Compass Edit

Compressed Edit

Continent Edit

Coral Edit

Cotton Bird Edit

Cotton Puff Edit

Cottonweed Edit


Cricket Edit

Cruel Edit

Crystal Edit

Curlipede Edit

Cyclone Edit

D Edit

Dark Edit

Darkness Edit

Deceiver Edit

Deep Black Edit

Deep Sea Edit

Delivery Edit

Desert Croc Edit

Devious Edit

Diapered Edit

Disaster Edit

Discharge Edit

Discipline Edit

Diving Edit

DNA Edit

Dopey Edit

Dragon Edit

Dream Eater Edit

Drill Edit

Drowzing Edit

Duck Edit

E Edit

Eaglet Edit

Egg Edit

Electric Edit

Electrified Edit

EleFish Edit

EleSpider Edit

EleSquirrel Edit

Emanation Edit

Embrace Edit

Emotion Edit

Emperor Edit

Endurance Edit

Eon Edit

Eruption Edit

Evolution Edit

Eyeball Edit

F Edit

Face Edit

Fairy Edit

Fang Scorpion Edit

Fang Snake Edit

Feeling Edit

Fire Horse Edit

Fire Mouse Edit

Fire Pig Edit

Firefly Edit

First Bird Edit

Fish Edit

Five Star Edit

Fixation Edit

Flame Edit

Flash Edit

Float Whale Edit

Floating Edit

Flower Edit

Flowering Edit

Flycatcher Edit

Flyscorpion Edit

Forbidden Edit

Forest Edit

Formidable Edit

Fossil Edit

Fox Edit

Freeze Edit

Freezing Edit

Fresh Snow Edit

Frog Edit

Frost Tree Edit

Fruit Edit

G Edit

Gas Edit

Gear Edit

Genetic Edit

Geyser Edit

Gleam Eyes Edit

Goldfish Edit

Golem Edit

Grass Monkey Edit

Grass Snake Edit

Grassland Edit

Gratitude Edit

Gripper Edit

Grove Edit

Guts Edit

H Edit

Hairy Bug Edit

Handstand Edit

Happiness Edit

Hard Shell Edit

Head Butt Edit

Hearing Edit

Heavyweight Edit

Herb Edit

Hermit Crab Edit

Hibernator Edit

High Temp Edit

Hippo Edit

Hoodlum Edit

Hostile Edit

Human Shape Edit

Humming Edit

Hypnosis Edit

I Edit

Ice Break Edit

Iceberg Edit

Icy Snow Edit

Illusion Fox Edit

Imitation Edit

Insect Edit

Intimidation Edit

Iron Edit

Iron Ant Edit

Iron Armor Edit

Iron Ball Edit

Iron Claw Edit

Iron Leg Edit

Iron Snake Edit

Iron Will Edit

J Edit

Jellyfish Edit

Jet Edit

Jolly Edit

Jubilee Edit

Judo Edit

K Edit

Karate Edit

Kicking Edit

King Elephant Edit

Kiss Edit

Kite Edit

Kitten Edit

Knowledge Edit

L Edit

Lamp Edit

Land Shark Edit

Land Snake Edit

Lava Edit

Lava Dome Edit

Lazy Edit

Leaf Edit

Leaf-Wrapped Edit

Legendary Edit

Licking Edit

Light Edit

Lightning Edit

Little Bear Edit

Live Coal Edit

Lizard Edit

Lonely Edit

Longevity Edit

Long Body Edit

Long Leg Edit

Long Neck Edit

Long Nose Edit

Long Tail Edit

Lookout Edit

Loud Noise Edit

Loyal Dog Edit

Lunar Edit

Luring Edit

M Edit

Mach Edit

Magical Edit

Magnet Edit

Magnet Area Edit

Manipulate Edit

Mantis Edit

Mantle Edit

Marionette Edit

Martial Arts Edit

Meditate Edit

Mega Fire Pig Edit

Megapede Edit

Megaton Edit

Melody Edit

Meteorite Edit

Milk Cow Edit

Mime Edit

Mitosis Edit

Mold Edit

Mole Edit

Moonlight Edit

Moth Edit

Mouse Edit

Mud Fish Edit

Multiplying Edit

Muscular Edit

Mushroom Edit

Music Note Edit

Mysterious Edit

Mystic Edit

N Edit

Neon Edit

New Species Edit

Ninja Edit

Numb Edit


O Edit

Ogre Darner Edit

Ogre Scorpion Edit

Old Shrimp Edit

Ore Edit

Owl Edit

P Edit

Painter Edit

Paleozoic Edit

Parent Edit

Parental Edit

Patient Edit

Penguin Edit

Pig Edit

Pig Monkey Edit

Pincer Edit

Pitch-Black Edit

Plasma Edit

Plate Edit

Playful Edit

Playhouse Edit

Plump Mouse Edit

Poison Bag Edit

Poison Bee Edit

Poison Gas Edit

Poison Moth Edit

Poison Pin Edit

Polka Dot Edit

Pond Skater Edit

Predator Edit

Pride Edit

Prim Edit

Prototurtle Edit

PSI Edit

Punching Edit

Puppet Edit

Puppy Edit

R Edit

Rabbit Edit

Rainbow Edit

Regal Edit

Rendezvous Edit

Renegade Edit

Requiem Edit

River Crab Edit

Rock Edit

Rock Head Edit

Rock Inn Edit

Rock Peak Edit

Rock Skin Edit

Rock Snake Edit

Rogue Edit

Royal Edit

Ruffian Edit

Rushing Edit

S Edit

Savage Edit

Scarecrow Edit

Scarf Edit

Scorpion Edit

Scout Edit

Scratch Cat Edit

Screech Edit

Scuffle Edit

Sea Basin Edit

Sea Drifter Edit

Sea Lily Edit

Sea Lion Edit

Sea Otter Edit

Sea Slug Edit

Sea Weasel Edit

Seafaring Edit

Seagull Edit

Season Edit

Seed Edit

Sewing Edit

Shadow Edit

Sharp Claw Edit

Sharp Edge Edit

Sharp Sword Edit

Shed Edit

Shedding Edit

Shell Out Edit

Shellfish Edit

Shield Edit

Single Horn Edit

Skunk Edit

Sky High Edit

Sky Squirrel Edit

Slacker Edit

Sleeping Edit

Sludge Edit

Snail Edit

Snake Edit

Snow Hat Edit

Snow Land Edit

Snowstorm Edit

South Sea Edit

Spatial Edit

Spark Edit

Sparks Edit

Spike Ball Edit

Spikes Edit

Spiral Edit

Spirit Edit

Spitfire Edit

Spot Panda Edit

Spray Edit

Stag Beetle Edit

Star Shape Edit

Starling Edit

Stomach Edit

Stone Home Edit

String Spit Edit

Subterrene Edit

Sun Edit

Superpower Edit

Swallow Edit

Swine Edit

Symbol Edit

T Edit

Tadpole Edit

Temporal Edit

Tender Edit

Thorn Edit

Thorn Monkey Edit

Thorn Pod Edit

Thorn Seed Edit

Thunder Edit

Thunderbolt Edit

Tiger Cat Edit

Time Travel Edit

Tiny Bee Edit

Tiny Bird Edit

Tiny Leaf Edit

Tiny Mouse Edit

Tiny Pigeon Edit

Tiny Raccoon Edit

Tiny Swallow Edit

Tiny Turtle Edit

Torch Edit

Toxic Mouth Edit

Trainee Edit

Transform Edit

Transport Edit

Trap Edit

Trash Bag Edit

Trash Heap Edit

Tricky Fox Edit

Triple Bird Edit

Turtle Edit

Tusk Edit

Twin Bird Edit

Twin Tusk Edit

V Edit

Valiant Edit

Vast White Edit

Verdant Edit

Vibration Edit

Victory Edit

Vine Edit

Violent Edit

Virtual Edit

Volcano Edit

W Edit

Water Bird Edit

Water Fish Edit

Water Weed Edit

Weather Edit

Weed Edit

Whiskers Edit

Whisper Edit

White Bird Edit

Wicked Edit

Wild Edit

Wild Bull Edit

Wild Duck Edit

Wild Monkey Edit

Wild Pigeon Edit

Willpower Edit

Wily Edit

Wind Chime Edit

Windveiled Edit

Wing Fish Edit

Wish Edit

Wood Gecko Edit

Wool Edit

Worm Edit

Y Edit

Young Fowl Edit

Z Edit

Zen Charm Edit


  • So far, the Mouse, Dragon and Mushroom Pokémon are most numerous, all three species have 6 representatives.

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